Definition of Geriatrics (English Version, original version)

Geriatric Medicine is a specialty of medicine concerned with physical, mental, functional and social conditions in acute, chronic, rehabilitative, preventive, and end of life care in older patients. This group of patients are considered to have a high degree of frailty and active multiple pathology, requiring a holistic approach. Diseases may present differently in old age, are often very difficult to diagnose, the response to treatment is often delayed and there is frequently a need for social support. Geriatric Medicine therefore exceeds organ orientated medicine offering additional therapy in a multidisciplinary team setting, the main aim of which is to optimise the functional status of the older person and improve the quality of life and autonomy. Geriatric Medicine is not specifically age defined but will deal with the typical morbidity found in older patients. Most patients will be over 65 years of age but the problems best dealt with by the speciality of Geriatric Medicine become much more common in the 80+ age group. It is recognised that for historic and structural reasons the organisation of geriatric medicine may vary between European Member Countries.

Meeting in Berlin

The autumn meeting of the section was in Berlin on the 13th of October 2018. There was a presentation of how geriatric medicine is organized in Germany. The main discussion was about the European Training Requirements for Geriatric Medicine, which is being written, and the plans for a European exam in geriatric medicine.  Jurate Macijauskiene from Lithuania was elected as president-elect. In the picture she is with Jaap Kulder the president of the section.

Vilnius Meeting

The meeting of the section in Vilnius on May the 5th 2018: The delegates discussed a plan for developing European Training Requirements for Geriatrics in 2018, and a vision for for a European process for certification in geriatric medicine. Also there was a presentation of geriatric medicine in Lithuania. It was a very productive meeting in beautiful Vilnius with a delicious dinner afterwards. 



Nice Meeting


See final minutes here

The meeting of the section in Nice on Sept 23, 2017: The delegates discussed new horizons for geriatric medicine in Europe, including the new geriatrics specialty title in France, a plan for developing European Training Requirements for Geriatrics in 2018, and a vision for for a European process for certification in geriatric medicine.


Latest Minutes

See the latest minutes from the Brussels-meeting in the Board Only-section


Brussels Meeting.

The meeting of the section in Brussels on the first of April:
The section was invited for a pre-conference dinner by the National Society of Belgian Specialists. The meeting took place at the Domus Medical Europaea in the heart of Brussels.



The meeting of the section in Lisbon on the 8th of October: The Portuguese press interviewed the local host and the president of the section, and published an article related to the importance of geriatrics for future health care.


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