geriatrics in Norway


In Norway, Geriatric medicine is a subspecialty of Internal Medicine. To become a geriatrician, we have two additional years in training in a specialized geriatric unit after 6 years of general internal medicine. One of the two years can be included in the main specialty.

Geriatricians work in medical departments in hospitals, often in dedicated geriatric wards. In most hospitals in Norway, geriatricians are on call for all patients admitted to the medical department.

Geriatrics has become a popular subspecialty, and young physicians are easily recruited.  In addition, emergency departments admit and treat all patients equally, regardless of age and medical condition.

In Norway, there is an ongoing process regarding changes in the specialization. The plan is to have 3 years of general internal medicine followed by two years of geriatrics. This will start in 2017-2018.

In addition, we have formalized the area of special interest in nursing home medicine with certification for doctors working in nursing homes.


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