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There are today 41 geriatricians in place throughout the Republic of Ireland in general hospitals in 2001. One model of care have developed in the large teaching hospitals in Dublin and Cork. In this system, the physicians in geriatric medicine accept patients from the Accident & Emergency service over 70, until their beds are full. This is combined with a smaller proportion of patients who are transferred for rehabilitation from other services and an even smaller proportion who are admitted directly from the community. In the other hospitals where there are often only three specialists in internal medicine (one of whom is the geriatrician), a more integrated system within internal medicine has developed. Geriatric medicine is the largest speciality of internal medicine in the Republic of Ireland and has been successful in attracting trainees.


Consultant Training in Geriatric Medicine in Republic of Ireland
Medical school (6 years)
Pre regitration (1 year)
General professional Training (2 years)
MRCPI or equivalent
Meritocratic selection (CV and interview)
Specialist registrar (4-6 years post GPT)
  Geriatric medicine alone
  Geriatric and General Internal Medicine
Consultant physician

Diploma in medicine for the elderly:
May be awarded following success in exam. Exam has written, clinical and oral sections. Formal training in Dept of Geriatric Medicine necessary to sit exam. Aimed at General practitioners.

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