geriatrics in Norway


In Norway, Geriatric medicine is a subspecialty of Internal Medicine. To become a geriatrician, we have two years in a specialized geriatric unit and a minimum of three years of training in general internal medicine.


Geriatricians work in medical departments in hospitals, often in dedicated geriatric wards. In most hospitals, when on call, geriatricians are responsible for the entire medical department.


Geriatrics medicine has achieved increased reputation, recruitment and popularity over the last years. Our knowledge are in demand, and far beyond our own department. Orthogeriatics, preoperative assessment, cerebrovascular medicine and emergency medicine are new and old disciplines were where the geriatricians plays an important/central role. The medical service and treatment in Norway is equal for every patient regardless of age and medical condition.


In addition, we have formalized the area of special interest in nursing home medicine with certification for doctors working in nursing homes.

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